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Recreational Volunteer Information


Recreational Soccer Volunteer Program


*NASA is a nonprofit 501(c)3 youth sports organization.

* We run on a combination of soccer fees, and service from our volunteers. Volunteer hours are extremely important to the success of the club.

*Anyone can volunteer for a player; Parents, Other team member’s parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Neighbors…etc.

* Here’s how the program works: We partner with the parents on behalf of the players to provide the service needed to operate the club. We encourage all families to volunteer a minimum of 12 hours per season.


Volunteer Opportunities:


·      Recreational Team Manager (6 Hours)

·      Recreational Head Coach or Assistant Coach (6 Hours)

·      Sign Sponsorship  (Each sign sold will count as 6 hours) Additional details provided by the office.

·      Discount cards (Sold in the Fall)

·      501(c)3 Monetary or Product Donations eg: cases of Sports drinks/water/soda, paper products, cleaning supplies, outdoor equipment (in good working condition), office supplies, special lease deals, etc.  (all based on wholesale value)

·      Bingo (runs year round every Friday and Sunday 4:30 – 9:00pm) Located at 1355 E. Main Street.  Ask the office how to register for a shift.

·      Concessions (located at the soccer fields) Actual hours earned.

·      Field Maintenance.  Actual hours earned.

·      Office work (as needed) Actual hours earned.

·      Cleaning (at the Clubhouse or at the Bingo Hall) Actual hours earned.

·      Buckeye Cup and Hopewell Cup. Actual hours earned.

·      Special projects (as needed)

We are extremely grateful for all of the work our volunteers do to help the kids!  



Field Status

Open Open

Alford - Reese Park North Side (04:47 PM | 12/29/14)

Open Open

Alford - Reese Park South Side (04:47 PM | 12/29/14)