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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Can I apply to join an Xtabi team during the course of a season, and if so what do I do?
A. We are always accepting applications to join Xtabi and ask that you contact us at the NASA office either by phone (740) 366 - 7033 or by email  so that we can arrange a mid season tryout.

Q. What would the approximate timing of the Spring season be?

A. We try to start practices in March, weather dependent. Yes, April & May are the standard months of play.


Q. Game locations? Is it a split schedule playing half the games in Newark and half on the road? Where would the team be playing most of it’s road games (Columbus area or do they stretch more towards Dayton etc)? 

A. Games can be played as far as Cincinnati. We do our best to schedule several games at NASA if at all possible. Every season is different.

Q. Do players need to register prior to the tryouts?

A. Players must Pre-Register online prior to tryout at

For existing account holders - Log in to your account and view available programs for the child that is trying out and then register for that program/age group.For all others an account must be created, once created you can then view available programs for your child and register for the appropriate program/age group.                        

****Other later times dates can be arranged if you miss a date or are still looking for a team***

Field Status

Open Open

Alford - Reese Park North Side (04:47 PM | 12/29/14)

Open Open

Alford - Reese Park South Side (04:47 PM | 12/29/14)