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Apr, 2017

Game report 4/8-4/15

April 8th
Xtabi U12 Boys S&P Score: 2-1 Win Xtabi U12 boys put on a fine performance to defeat S&P 2-1. Xtabi led for the majority of the game, with every player on the team working hard to restrict opponent chances. Both goals came from JJ set pieces in what was a fully deserved victory!

 4/8/17 Xtabi 17 Boys BPYSL played Dayton Metro FC  after an initial rough start the Xtabi pulled ahead by a wide margin outscoring the Dayton team 10 to 0. Special mention to Jaden Golden for playing through constant foul play and scoring. A strong effort shown by all the players.

 4/8/17 Xtabi 19 Boys BPYSL played Cincinnati Kings Hammer to a 2 to 1 win in their first game. Strong play by all the players. Drew Harvey and Ben Batchelor with a goal each.

4/08/2017 U13 XTABI Girls NWFC Orange Xtabi:1 Opponent: 4

4/9/17 Xtabi U11 Girls Xpress FX Xtabi: 3 Opponant: 2 U11 Girls won their first game of the season!

 4/9/17 Xtabi 19 Boys BPYSL played Warren County elite for another win with back to back game days. The Xtabi was slow to start ending the first half two to one. And starting the second half to comfortably add goals for a 6 to 1 final. Two goals scored each by Ben Batchelor, Evan Lewandowsky and Austin Rader.  Keagan Mclaughlin was in goal and kept the team oraganized with fine play by all.

 4-12-2017 U13 XTABI Girls Santos Argentina 6_Xtabi: Opponent:_0_ Darynne Zellar 3 goals, Nadia Liesen, Meghan Gilbert, and Zoey Milton each had a goal. Thank to Zoey Milton and Olivia(Izzy) for guest playing with us.

 4/13 Xtabi U 13/14 Hebron Boys Xtabi: 5 Opponent: 0

 4-15-2017 U13 XTABI Girls CE Gold Xtabi: 1 Opponent: 0 Darynne Zellar 1 goal. Thanks to Olivia Brown for guest playing with us.

 4/15 Xtabi U 13/14 Teas Valley Xtabi: 1 Opponent: 3

 4/15/17 Xtabi U9 boys GCKA Red Knights Xtabi: 3  Opponent: 2 Team played hard. Goals scored by Justus, Izaak, & Sean. Patrick played great in goal.

 4/15/17 Xtabi U11 Girls Freedom 06 Xtabi: 1  Opponent: 1


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